Please note the following before choosing to use the HTML5 player.


Introduction to HTML5

The HTML5 player uses the HTML5 <video> tag, which is relatively a new (and still growing) web technology that was introduced by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). Since the introduction of the Apple's iPad, there has been a lot interest in using HTML5 for video playback due to lack of Flash support on the device. One advantage to using HTML5 is that it doesn't require any plug-ins to be installed on the user's device, whether it is a desktop computer or a handheld gadget. This should relate to faster loading times of your video as the browser isn't required to load any plug-ins.



The HTML5 player requires JavaScript to function. If JavaScript has been disabled on the browser, the following message will be displayed:

"Please enable JavaScript on your browser to watch this video."


Browser Support

Not all browsers support HTML5 video and support for this medium is continually growing. Our HTML5 player will detect if the browser supports it. If it doesn't, the player falls gracefully back to the Flash player. Browsers that have been tested to work with our player include:

Safari3.0+(currently needs to download complete video file before it plays - will be fixed in the next release)
Safari Mobile5.0+

You may have heard about all the different video codecs each browser currently supports, but you need not be concerned - we do all the video conversions for you to support the widest range of browsers. As codec requirements change in the future, we aim to provide forward compatibility using the necessary formats.



We are very excited to bring you iPad support! Our player has been tested on the first and second generation iPads, which works smoothly and presents the user with the same rich interactive experience as the Flash player offers. The user is not required to install any app as the iPad already has everything needed - a web browser! You will still have access to the analytics that we provide, so you can check how well your video is doing.


The iPad is not showing any volume controls?


The volume is controlled natively on the iPad through hardware controls, i.e. the volume buttons on the side of the iPad.


Full Screen video?


We currently haven't provided this feature yet in our HTML5 player. However, it is now possible to get embed codes with different sizes. The largest pre-defined size loads a player at the full width of the browser on an iPad.


Some features are missing in the HTML5 Player?


We have provided what features are necessary to deliver a good experience for the user. There are plans to include existing features as well as new ones while we continue to improve our player.


What about the iPhone and iPod?


The iPhone and iPod devices only allow videos to be displayed in the native video player. When loading the player on these devices the video be viewable, but with no interactivity.


What about Android devices?


The player has been tested on a handful of android devices (OS v2.2 & v2.3), but only the video is displayed in a native video player so there is no interactivity.


Can I customize the HTML5 player skin?


The HTML5 Player utilises jQuery UI Themes. You can override the player skin and use any of the default jQuery UI themes. This is done by appending the option
/skin/skin-name to the iframe src attribute. For example, to use the sunset theme:

<iframe src="" frameborder="0" width="620" height="379" scrolling="no"></iframe>

To see the jQuery UI skins in action, visit our jQuery UI Theme Selector page.

If you would like further information about the HTML5 <video> tag, here are some recommended sources: