To make your videos interactive, just follow the simple steps below.

1 Uploading a video

In this step you have 2 options: you can upload a video file or use an existing Youtube video. If you upload your video file, we allow the following formats - flv, mpeg, avi, mov, wmv or mp4. Your video can be any duration, so long as the file size does not exceed 500MB. If you need to make a video interactive that exceeds this size, please contact us directly at [email protected]

The preview image will appear at the start of the video before your viewer presses play, however you can upload a preview image at a later stage if you wish by returning to this page.

2 Creating Hot Spots

This sections allows you to create any number of Hot Spots within your video and associate them with an interactive landing page.

Play your video then pause it when you want to add a Hot Spot.

To add a Hot Spot, simply press CREATE HOT SPOT when the area you want to link first appears on your video.

The hot spot will appear on your video with white corner markers and an associated hot spot timeline will appear below the Video Timeline. The word (none) will appear to the left. Dont panic! This means that you have not associated an interactive landing page to this hot spot yet, which we'll come to shortly.

  • Resize your hotspot to cover the area you want to link
  • Drag your hotspot timeline to where the feature on the video you are linking comes off screen.
  • Resize your hotspot and cover the area where the feature you want to link is now placed. If it has moved during the video, your hotspot will automatically track it when playing.
  • To test your hotspot is appearing and tracking correctly at any time, just play the video on this page.
  • If the area moves in different directions whilst it is on screen, then you need to add a new Key Frame in your Hotspot timeline by clicking on the CREATE KEY FRAME button.
  • Repeat as many times as you need throughout the video
  • When you are happy that your Hot Spot is being tracked correctly, you can associate it to a interactive landing page by selecting one from the drop down menu to the right. If you have not yet created a page to link it to, then click on New Page to create one, save it, and then it will appear in your drop down menu.
  • You can create as many Hot Spots with different associated interactive landing pages as you like.

2.1 Creating Interactive Landing Pages

This section allows you to create an interactive landing page that the video player switches to when a viewer clicks on a Hot Spot that you have associated to it. This page can be used for data capture, product purchase or simply to provide further information.

3 Video Player Skin

You can choose from a range of skins for your video player which we will be adding to over time.

4 Extra's Bar

The information in this section is optional and if selected will appear on the Extra's bar when a user clicks on it. Please note that the EMBED VIDEO and VIDEO LINK options are disabled until payment has been authorised.

5 Preview

The preview function allows you to test your new interactive video. Please note that the EMBED/BEML CODE and VIDEO LINK options are disabled until payment has been authorised.

6 Complete

To embed your new interactive video into any web page you will need to complete the Credit Cart payment. Once authorised, you will be supplied with the embed code for the video player.

Instead, you can choose to pay only for code to integrate with your Brightcove Player and Ooyala Player. LinkTo provides you with integration guides that you can follow in order complete the integration with the player of your choice.

Brightcove Integration Guide - Download here Ooyala Integration Guide - Download here

6.1 HTML5 Player

When paying for the LinkTo player, you will provided with embed codes for both the flash player and the HTML5 player. For more information about our HTML5 player, please read the HTML5 FAQ page.